CABGen: Computational Resources


A system of high performance computing has been implemented at Cabgen, constituted, in its hardware part, of a cluster IBM with six nodes, each of which characterized by two processors IntelXeon 4-core and with a memory capacity of 42 Gigabyte. Each node is also equipped with two solid-state drives of 50 gigabytes. This cluster is managed by a front-end IBM X3650 M3 with two CPUs IntelXeon from 4 cores, 36 gigabytes of memory, two 250 Gigabyte hard and communicates with the cluster through two switches with 10 Gigabit connections. With regard to the management of this, data cluster is equipped with 8 disks in RAID 5 of one terabyte each. It has also a backup unit adapted to the system.

The cluster is managed with the Linux oriented operating system: CentOS vers. 5.5. This operating system has been configured and optimized to use parallel computing, in particular MPI. Jobs are submitted to the system through the PBS software that allows the user to choose how many cores allocate to the job. In addition, the RAID 5 is seen via "Network File System" from the  front-end to all nodes in the cluster. The computing system has been integrated into the network of the Institute of Molecular Genetics, so that each user can use their own workstation to submit programs to be executed on the cluster. The cluster can also be reached from the outside, by prior arrangement with the CabGen staff.

The choice and implementation of this specific computational architecture, suitable to different types of studies to be conducted, was created thanks to the support of researchers dell'IMATI-CNR.&nb






This infrastructure has been acquired thanks to the contribution of:

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