Zeiss AxioImager M2Zeiss AxioImager M2
   MicroscopyZeiss AxioImager M2


Zeiss AxioImager M2
Widefield Scanning Microscope

  • Zeiss AxioImager M2 fully motorized upright microscope (filters, objective, Z axis).
  • Zeiss Motorised scanning XY stage
  • OImaging OptiMOS sCMOS camera (2Mp)
  • HXP120 metal halide lamp:
  • Objectives: EC "PLAN-NEOFLUAR" 10X/0,25

                           EC "PLAN NEOFLUAR" 40X/1,3 OIL DIC



  • Filter Sets: Zeiss SET49 (DAPI)

       Zeiss SET38HE (FITC,eGFP, Alexa 488)

       Zeiss SET20 (Rhod, Alexa 555)

       Semrock Brighline CY5 (Cy5, Alexa 647, Alexa 660)

Software: Micromanager 2, Autoquant X2





  • 4-color fluorescence imaging (eg. DAPI, eGFP, Rhod and CY5)
  • 3D deconvolution reconstruction
  • Slide scanning and image stitching


Access to the microscope is allowed after initial training.

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