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Olympus IX71 



  • Photometrics Retiga ES camera (1.3 Mp)
  • Olympus IX71 inverted microscope (motorized filter wheel and shutter)
  • Hg lamp
  • Objectives: CPLFL 10XPH/0.30 PH1

                           UPLFLN 60X/0.65-1.25 OIL PH3

                            UPLFL 100X/1.30 OIL

  • Filter Sets for

DAPI (EX: 360/40 EM: 450/50)

FITC (EX: 483/22 EM: 530/28)

mCherry (EX: 565/24 EM: 615/20)
eGFP (EX: 470/20 EM: 517/22)

Rhodamine (EX: 546/10 EM: 580/28)

CY5: (EX:640/20 EM:682/20)


  • Software: Molecular Devices Metamorph 7.8.4




  • Basic multicolor fluorescence imaging
  • Brightfield and phase contrast microscopy


Access to the microscope is allowed after initial training.

For more information regarding more tailored applications and booking please contact: simone.sabbionedaigm.cnr.it














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