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Giordano Liberi

IGM-CNR, Via Abbiategrasso, 207 - 27100 Pavia, Italy

tel: +39-0382-546364
fax: +39-0382-422286 


Curriculum vitae

-  Researcher, IGM-CNR of Pavia (2011-present)

-  Staff Scientist, IFOM Foundation of Milan (2000-2011)

-  Research staff member, University of Milan (1998-2011)

-  Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Milan (1996-1998)

-  Degree of specialization, “School of Applied Genetics”, University of Milan (1996)

-  Degree in Biological Sciences, University of Milan (1993)




Scientific Interests 

Dr. G.Liberi has been working throughout his carrier on mechanisms that promote genomic instability in eukaryotic cells, using the budding yeast S.cerevisiae as a model system. Genomic instability is a hallmark of tumors and cells of many neurodegenerative diseases. By collaborating with world-renowned scientists in this field, G.Liberi has studied different aspects of the DNA damage response, including checkpoint signalling, Cdk1-dependent regulation of cell cycle and repair substrates and mechanisms coordinating DNA replication with recombination and transcription. Since 2000, as staff scientists at IFOM Foundation in Milan and recently as group leader at IGM-CNR in Pavia, his work has been mainly focused on those pathways controlled by a group of evolutionarily conserved DNA/RNA helicases in preserving replication-fork integrity. G.Liberi has published 29 papers on peer-reviewed international journals and 2 book chapters and has been recipient of grants from AIRC and Telethon. 


Lab Members


Research Grants






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