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Student/Travel microscope model V by Leitz (Wetzlar) 1895.

Parallel linkage student's microscope stand V by Leitz (Wetzlar), 1895.

Owing to its small dimensions, this can be considered a portable microscope, designed for field research as well as for students. The serial number (35730) dates it to c.a. 1895. It comes with two eyepieces, I and III and two objectives 3 and 7 (the latter in a small leather casket with velvet inner linings and engraved "E. Leitz, Wetzlar"), allowing magnifications from 57X to 480X. Thus, in spite of tis small dimensions, it is a capable instrument. It is identified in the Leitz's catalogue of 1894 as small microscope model V. It has a right-pillar design, so it cannot be inclined.

Excerpt from the American edition of Leitz's catalogue of 1894

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