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Giovanni Maga

First CNR Researcher

Contract Professor in Molecular Biology, University of Pavia

Head of the DNA Enzymology & Molecular Virology Unit

Institute of Molecular Genetics IGM-CNR

National Research Council, via Abbiategrasso 207, I-27100 Pavia (Italy)

Phone: +39-0382546322 (office); +39-0382546355 (lab)

Fax: +39-0382422286





Scientific Interests:

Dr. G. Maga has been working since his graduation on the enzymology of DNA replication. His research has focused on the characterization of different enzymatic systems responsible for nucleotide metabolism and the duplication of the genetic information in human cells and viruses as well as in protozoal parasites. In recent years, he has also started to dissect the biochemical pathways involved in coupling the DNA replication and repair machinery to cell cycle regulation in human cells. His interest has been devoted both towards the elucidation of basic molecular processes and to the exploitation of novel enzymatic targets for antiviral and anticancer chemotherapy.



Presently his main lines of research are:






Education and work

Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Pavia


Master in Genetics at the University of Pavia


PhD degree in Applied Genetics at the University of Pavia


Postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Veterinary Biochemistry,
University of Zurich


Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Molecular Genetics-CNR, Pavia
(ICGEB Fellowship, ISS-AIDS Fellowship)


Contract Researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics-CNR, Pavia


Researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics-CNR, Pavia


First Researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics-CNR, Pavia


Head of the DNA Enzymology and Molecular Virology Section


Professor of Molecular Biology, University of Pavia


Member of The Biochemical Society (London)


Member of the American Society for Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology


Editorial activities

Editor of the Book "DNA Replication Repair and Recombination"

Research Signpost, 200

(ISBN 978-81-308-0253-4)

Academic Editor of PLoS ONE


Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Biological Chemistry

(ISSN 0021-9258)

Editorial Advisory Board member of The Biochemical Journal

(ISSN 0264-6021)

Guest Editor of Current Drug Metabolism

(ISSN 1389-2002)

Guest Editor of Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

(ISSN: 1389-2010)

Editorial Board Member of The Open Biology Journal

(ISSN 1874-1967)


Scientific coordination

Principal Investigator in the following Projects:

  • 5FP-Quality of life: “Flavitherapeutics"
  • 5FP-Quality of life:”DNA replication and Biotechnology-REPBIOTECH”
  • 6FP- Genomics and Biotechnology for Health: “Targeting Replication and Integration of HIV-TRIoH”
  • 6FP- Genomics and Biotechnology for Health: "Exploiting Cellular Export of Nuclear Tanscripts as HIV Innovative Therapy- ExCellENT-HIT"
  • CNR/Russian Academy of Sciences Bilateral Project n.132.08.11 (2005-2006): “Study of DNA replication and repair processes by photoaffinity labeling technique”
  • ISS-AIDS National Program Contracts 40F.48/40G.36 "Role of the HIV-1 protein Vif in the Retrotranscription Process" (2006-2008)
  • AIRC-IG4538: "Elucidating the X DNA Polymerase Family Levels of Regulation in DNA Repair, Translesion Synthesis and Genomic Instability" (2008-2010).
  • ISS-AIDS National Program Contract 40H.26 "Targeting the HIV-1 cellular cofactor human DEAD-box helicase DDX3 to stop the viral infection and overcome drug resistance" (2010-2011).
  • AIRC-IG12084: "Role of specialized DNA polymerases in promoting survival of tumor cells" (2011-2014)




Dr. Maga is author/co-author of more than 210 publications in international peer-reviewed journals and 4 international patents (Google Scholar), his h-index is 37 (Google Scholar)


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