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Stefano Squarzoni


Istituto di Genetica Molecolare - Bologna Unit

c/o Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli -via di Barbiano 1/10
40136 Bologna

Phone: +39 051 6366768

Fax: +39 051 4689922

Email: squarzoniarea.bo.cnr.it



Curriculum vitae

Born in Bologna on 25/8/1957

1976-1983 Student at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the Bologna University

1983 MD degree at the University of Bologna. 

1984 -2002 Researcher at the "Istituto di Citomorfologia Normale e Patologica" of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) 

2002-2007 Researcher at the “Istituto per i Trapianti d’Organo e l’Immunocitologia" of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)

2007 – present  First Researcher at the  Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)

2009 Co-founder of the Italian Network for Laminopathies




Dr Stefano Squarzoni has published 86 full length papers in peer reviewed international journals, with total IF 357,227  and medium IF  4,203 (ISI 2012) and 5 papers in non-indexed journals. 


Activity from 1992

Dr. Stefano Squarzoni began in 1992 his studies on muscular dystrophies which were developed and continued until present.


Main topics were: the localization of proteins involved in muscular dystrophies at the TEM level (dystrophin, laminin alpha 2, emerin); study of Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy due to nuclear proteins alterations (lamin A/C, emerin; definition and carachterization of laminopathies, either with muscular phenotype or with different symptoms (FPLD, MAD, progeria); study of collagen VI -related myopathies (Bethlem and Ullrich syndromes)


Activity 1984-1992

Main research topics: 

chromatin organization of the interphasic nucleus by freeze-fracture methods and image analysis; electron microscopy of nucleus thin sections and combined "sectioned replica"technique.

Localization of nuclear components by "pre-embedding" immunocytochemistry; optimization of "pos-embedding" techniques; direct comparison of isolated chromosomes by light, fluorescence and electron (transmission, scanning and scanning-transmission) microscopy





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