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  • Rizzolio F, Bione S, Sala C, Tribioli C, Ciccone R, Zuffardi O, di Iorgi N, Maghnie M, Toniolo D. (2008) Highly conserved non-coding sequences and the 18q critical region for short stature: a common mechanism of disease? PLoS ONE. Jan 23;3(1):e1460.
  • Rizzolio F, Bione S, Villa A, Berti E, Cassetti A, Bulfone A, Tribioli C, Toniolo D. (2007) Spatial and temporal expression of POF1B, a gene expressed in epithelia. Gene Expr Patterns. Feb;7(4):529-34.
  • Tribioli C, Lufkin T. (2006) Long term room temperature storage of high quality embryonic stem cell genomic DNA extracted with a simple and rapid procedure. J Biomol Tech. Sep;17(4):249-51.
  • Tribioli C, Lufkin T.(2006) Bapx1 homeobox gene gain-of-function mice show preaxial polydactyly and activated Shh signaling in the developing limb. Dev Dyn. Sep;235(9):2483-92.
  • Rego EM, Ruggero D, Tribioli C, Cattoretti G, Kogan S, Redner RL, Pandolfi PP. (2005) Leukemia with distinct phenotypes in transgenic mice expressing PML/RARalpha, PLZF/RARalpha or NPM/RARalpha. Oncogene. Dec 5, 1-6
  • Tribioli C, Robledo RF, Lufkin T. (2002) The murine fork head gene Foxn2 is expressed in craniofacial, limb, CNS and somitic tissues during embryogenesis. Mech Dev. 118, 161-3
  • He L, Bhaumik M, Tribioli C, Rego EM, Ivins S, Zelent A, Pandolfi PP. (2000)Two critical hits for promyelocytic leukemia. Mol Cell. 6, 1131-41
  • Carla Tribioli and Thomas Lufkin (1999) The murine Bapx1 homeobox gene plays a critical role in embryonic development of the axial skeleton and spleen. Development 126, 5699-5711
  • He LZ; Guidez F; Tribioli C; Peruzzi D; Ruthardt M; Zelent A; Pandolfi PP (1998) Distinct interactions of PML-RARalpha and PLZF-RARalpha with co-repressors determine differential responses to RA in APL. Nat Genet 18: 126−35
  • Tribioli C., Lufkin T (1997) Molecular cloning, chromosomal mapping and developmental expression of BAPX1, a novel human homeobox containing gene homologous to Drosophila bagpipe. Gene 203: 225-233
  • Kalantry S; Delva L; Gaboli M; Gandini D;  Giorgio M; Hawe N; He LZ; Peruzzi D; Rivi R; Tribioli C; Wang Z.G., Zhang H. and P.P.Pandolfi (1997) Gene rearrangements in the molecular pathogenesis of acute promyelocytic leukemia. J Cell Physiol 173: 288-296
  • Tribioli, C., M. Frasch, and T. Lufkin (1997) Bapx1: an evolutionary−conserved homologue of the Drosophila bagpipe homeobox gene is expressed in the embryonic skeleton. Mechanisms of Development 65: 145-162
  • Li−Zhen*, C. Tribioli*, R.Rivi, D.Peruzzi, V.Soares, P.G. Pelicci, G.Cattoretti, and P.P. Pandolfi (1997) Acute leukemia with promyelocytic feature in PML/RARa transgenic mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 94: 5302-5307 - Li Zhen and C. Tribioli are both first author

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