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CABGen: Center of Bioinformatic Analysis for Genomics


Silvia Bione, Antonella Lisa, Roberta Carriero, Paolo Cremaschi


CABGen is involved in bioinformatics and statistics applied to life sciences (medicine, biology, molecular biology, pharmacology, genetics) and it is specialized in providing services from the design to the research running of bioinformatics analysis. The bioinformatics center can be contacted at any stage of the project offering one, some or all the services necessary to the perform the research. >>>


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Immunolocalization of subnuclear compartments

Alessandra Montecucco (curator of the research service), Fiorenzo Peverali, Simone Sabbioneda

This service offers our expertise for the characterization of nuclear proteins involved in genetic diseases.

Services offered:

1. Analysis of immunolocalization of nuclear proteins for conventional and confocal microscopy.

2. Immunolocalization of an antigen of interest in cells stained with antibodies against specific markers of sub-nuclear compartments (replication factories, transcription factories, speckles, Cajal bodies, heterochromatic domains, nuclear membrane, apoptotic bodies).

3. We can assist users in selecting the best strategy to study the distribution of proteins in overexpression experiments (vectors and proteins fused to tags or fluorescent proteins).>>

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Morphofunctional and ultrastructural analysis of the nuclear envelope and chromatin.


Giovanna LattanziStefano SquarzoniCristina CapanniElisabetta Mattioli, Vittoria CenniRosalba Del Coco.


Over 10 hereditary disorders have recently been associated with mutations in nuclear envelope proteins or related proteins. These diseases have been defined as Laminopathies. With this service we want to offer our expertise in support of research groups who work occasionally or who want to start studying nuclear proteins involved in genetic diseases >>>

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Scanning transmission electron microscopy


Stefano Squarzoni, Nicoletta Zini, Patrizia Sabatelli.


The use of electron microscopy associated to molecular biology has led to the identification of sub-nuclear domains involved in the organization and chromatin remodeling, in DNA replication and RNA production. The ultrastructural analysis has allowed the identification of alterations in the nuclear pathologies with defect of nuclear lamina and in some muscular dystrophies of different origin. >>>

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Fluorescence spectroscopy, near UV- visible


Anna Cleta Croce


The technique allows the detection of excitation/ emission spectra in the respective intervals of 200-800, 210-900nm from fluorescing substances in aqueous of ethanol solutions. In general, and depending on the properties of the substances to be analyzed, the amount required is less then a mg.

Price list

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Primary cell coltures



Elisabetta Mattioli, Giovanna Lattanzi, Cristina Capanni, Vittoria Cenni, Rosalba Del Coco.


IGM-CNR has a laboratory for the preparation, expansion and stortage of cell cultures from human biopsy tissues. Cultured myoblasts, muscle and skin fibroblasts, pre-adipocytes can be produced.  >>>

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Consultancy and statistical analysis of genetic and epidemiologic data

Staff involved:

A. Lisa, O. Fiorani, G. Biino


Our laboratory  is involved in statistics applied to life sciences (medicine, biology, molecular biology, pharmacology and genetics) and is specialized in providing services regarding projecting, research running, statistical analysis and scientific communication. The statistical consultancy can be requested in any phase of the research project. >>

Services for third parties



Treated samples:

muscle tissue, skin, adipose tissue; biomaterials; orthopaedic implants and derived materials.


Techniques available:

transmission and scanning electron microscopy; cell cultures; Western blotting; immunofluorescence; immunogold; protein-protein interaction; rotary shadowing; production of replicas.


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