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CABGen: Center of Bioinformatic Analysis for Genomics

Staff:  Silvia Bione, Antonella Lisa, Roberta Carriero, Paolo Cremaschi


CABGen is involved in bioinformatics applied to life sciences (medicine, biology, molecular biology, pharmacology, genetics) and it is specialized in providing services from the design to the research running of bioinformatics analysis. The bioinformatics center can be contacted at any stage of the project offering one, some or all the services necessary to perform the research.


The services offered include:

  • analysis of expression data from microarrays experiments;
  • analysis of Next Generation Sequencing data (RNAseq, ChIP Seq, DNAseq, exome sequencing);
  • development of tools for data collection and study-design;
  • design and construction of databases;
  • development of tools for querying databases;
  • independent revision of the bioinformatics part in scientific projects and papers;
  • accounting for the use of cluster computing facilities.


The prerogative of services offered is based on the continuous dialogue with the customer in order to optimize the outcome of the performed analysis. For this purpose the synergy with the customer is the key point of our approach to work. 


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