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Immunolocalization of subnuclear compartments


Alessandra Montecucco (responsabile del servizio di ricerca), Fiorenzo Peverali, Simone Sabbioneda


IIn recent years the application of imaging techniques associated with approaches of molecular biology has allowed the identification of various functional domains present in the nucleus of mammalian cells. Contrary to the bodies in the cytoplasm, the sub-sectors are not surrounded by a nuclear membrane and are characterized by a constant flow of proteins. Consequently nuclear bodies show a particularly dynamic behavior and undergo drastic rearrangements in response to signals extra- and intra-cellular. A growing number of proteins associated with these sub-nuclear compartments are involved in genetic diseases. Moreover, this segregation is functional to the spatial and temporal regulation of the biochemical processes that occur in the nucleus (replication, transcription and splicing). Our group has made a significant contribution to this type of analysis.


This service offers our expertise for the characterization of nuclear proteins involved in genetic diseases.

Services offered:

1. Analysis of immunolocalization of nuclear proteins for conventional and confocal microscopy.

2. Immunolocalization of an antigen of interest in cells stained with antibodies against specific markers of sub-nuclear compartments (replication factories, transcription factories, speckles, Cajal bodies, heterochromatic domains, nuclear membrane, apoptotic bodies).

3. We can assist users in selecting the best strategy to study the distribution of proteins in overexpression experiments (vectors and proteins fused to tags or fluorescent proteins).


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