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Novel Targets and Drugs for anticancer treatment


We have focused our attention to the identification of promising targets and to the development of novel drugs to be used as antiproliferative agents in the treatment of cancer.

Currently, we are studying as targets DNA polymerases, Terminal transferase (TdT) and non-receptiorial tyrosine kinases of the Src family (SFKs).


DNA polymerases and TdT

We have recently characterised different classes of non-nucleoside inhibitors of mammalian DNA polymerases α, β and λ, and of Terminal transferase (TDT):


Reseveratrol Derivatives (in collaboration with Prof. Lucia Anna Stivala, University of Pavia):


Non-nucleoside triphosphates (in collaboration with Prof. Marina Kukhanova, University of Moscow):


Diketo Hexenoic Acids (in collaboration with Prof. Roberto di Santo, University of Rome, La Sapienza):


Interestingly, the Diketo acids proved to be selective inhibitors of leukemic cells proliferation (MOLT-4).

We have also contributed to the characterization of potent inhibitors of SFKs, including dual Src/Abl inhibitors




Molecular model of dual Src/Abl inhibitors in the Src active site.


Several of these compounds proved to be very active against the Abl mutant T315I and against different tumors, also in Xenograft models in nude mice.



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