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Giiuliano Mazzini



c/o Dipartimento di Biologia e Biotecnologie "L. Spallanzani"

Via Ferrata, 9


phone: +39 0382 986266
fax: +39 0382 986430



Degree in Biology (110/110 cum laude)

Since 1968 he has been attending the Centre for Study on Histochemistry and Cytochemistry of the National Research Council of the Pavia University (now turned to Section of Cytochemistry and Cytometry of the CNR-Institute of Molecular Genetics) focussing his adtivity on ultra-structure studies and quantitative cytochemistry based on microphotometry and fluorometry. Few years later, following the main research field of the Centre, he discussed his thesis "Fluorescent techniques for quantitative DNA analysis" later published in Histochemical Journal.

From 1972 he has a CNR Research position in the same Centre.

Except for short time stages to other qualified international Labs (Los Alamos Natl. Lab, NM-USA, Dept. of  Radiobiol. Univ. Munster-D, Dept of Physiol. Czec.Ac.of Sciences Praha-CZ) his research activity was carried out inside CNR. The main research lines, performed on trhee decades of activity, included fluorescence methodologies for quantitative analyses, mainly devoted to DNA  and technical developments of instrumentation for fluorescence microscopy and cytometry. In particular he had been a national pioneer in the "Flow cytometry" research in both methods and instruments development and upgrade.

1971-95 Member of the Scientific Council of the Centre.

1975-78. Prof."Istituzioni di Istochimica ed Istofisica" of the "Scuola di Perfezionamento in Istochimica e Citochimica", and Prof. of the Sciences Faculty of "Scienze fisiologiche" Doctorate.

1985-89 Italian member of the CEE Concerted Action "Automated and analytical Cytology".

1979-87 Co-resp. and resp.of Research Groups of CNR Project "Control of Neoplastic Growth" (sub-projects "Chemotherapy" and "Cell biology") and later involved in the Project "Biotechnology and bioinstrumentation".

1986 Active founding member of the Scientific Society "Gruppo Italiano di Citometria GIC" (today turned to "Società Italiana di Citometria GIC) , President of the Society and still Council member.

1986 Scientific responsible of the "Laboratorio di Citofluorimetria" of the " Centro Grandi Strumenti" of the Pavia University.

1997 Co-resp. of  "Corso di Perfezionamento in Citometria a flusso applicata all’Oncologia Medica" of the Pavia University Medical Faculty.

1990-2000 Member of the Editorial Board of  "Analytical Cellular Pathology".

1998 Prof. "Istochimica e citochimica" of the University of Urbino.

1998  Head of the "National School of Cytometry" hold by "Italian Society of Cytometry".

Author and co-author of more than 200 scientific articles published on qualified international journals in the field of quantitative cytochemistry and cytometry  and related areas of application.







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