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Martedi' 24 settembre 2019 alle ore 11:30 la Prof. Barbara van Loon (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) terra', presso l'Aula Falaschi dell'IGM, un seminario dal titolo: “Role of DNA repair in neurodevelopment”.


Breve CV:

Barbara van Loon obtained MSc in Biology at the University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia) in 2006. She then moved to the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland) and was, under supervision of prof. Ulrich Hu?bscher, awarded PhD degree with honors in 2010. After Postdoctoral stay in the group of prof. Leona D. Samson at the MIT (Cambridge, USA), Barbara returned to the University of Zurich and established her research group. In 2016 Barbara was awarded Onsager Fellowship, and as associate professor joined the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim, Norway). Barbara’s major scientific contributions include, unraveling role of DNA polymerases and glycosylases in the oxidative and alkylation DNA damage response, and demonstrating links between impaired genome integrity maintenance and onset of neurological disease. Currently Barbara’s research primarily focuses on exploring the importance of DNA glycosylases, and consequently recognition of aberrant DNA bases, in ensuring unperturbed neurodevelopment.

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