Zeiss LSM800 Confocal

  • 4 lasers: Diode laser 405 nm(5mW); Diode laser 488nm(10mW); Diode laser 561nm(10mW)
  • 2 high sensitivity GaAsP detectors with standard filter sets
  • Spectral acquisition (l stack) via Variable Secondary Dichroic (VSD) with 1nm resolution
  • Zeiss Observer 7 fully motorized inverted microscope (filters, objective, lightpath, Z axis) suitable for both fixed and live cell
  • Zeiss Motorised scanning XY stage
  • Transmission light detector
  • Colibri 7 LED light source: UV: 385/30nm (ex. DAPI)

B: 469/38nm (ex. FITC, GFP)

G: 555/30nm (ex. Rhod)

R: 631/33nm (ex. CY5)

  • Zeiss Filter Set 90 HE LED (4-band)
  • Objectives: EC “PLAN-NEOFLUAR” 20X/0,50

                           “PLAN-APOCHROMAT” 63X/1,40 OIL DIC

                           EC “PLAN-NEOFLUAR” 40X/1,3 OIL DIC (Optional)

ftware Zeiss ZEN 2.3, with the following modules: Measurement, Multi Channel, Image Analysis, Time Lapse, Z Stack, Extended Focus, Autofocus, Colocalisation, Z Spectral Unmixing, TILES & POSITIONS


4-color fluorescence imaging (eg. DAPI, eGFP, Rhod and CY5)

3D confocal Imaging

Spectral Imaging

Slide scanning and image stitching

Photobleaching, photoactivation and laser induced DNA damage.


Access to the microscope is allowed after initial training.

For more information regarding more tailored applications and booking please contact: simone.sabbioneda@igm.cnr.it


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