What IGM-CNR does

The IGM-CNR activities focus on the analysis of fundamental biological processes and are integrated with a likewise qualified translational research. Three main lines of research are active:

  • molecular analysis and cellular biology of hereditary genetic diseases
  • molecular characterization of acquired genetic diseases such as tumors and their progression to metastasis
  • development of techniques and screening of new compounds. 

Research Units of the Institute:

Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Nucleus

Human Genetics and Genomics

Innovative approaches to Molecular Medicine: from drug development to diagnosis.

Computational Biology

Degenerative muscular skeletal diseases

Technological platforms and services: 

Bionformatic Analysis

Advanced Bioimaging (fluorescence and electronic microscopy)

Cultured Cell biobank

Characterization of small molecules against viral and cellular enzyme targets

Other activities:

Pre- and post degree training

What IGM-CNR is

What happens at Open Day at the IGM-CNR