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Methods for genetic optimization of biocatalysts for biofuel production from dairy waste through synthetic biology.


Pasotti L, Zucca S, Casanova M, Politi N, Massaiu I, Mazzini G, Micoli G, Calvio C, Cusella De Angelis MG, Magni P.


IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Conference. Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society ISSN 1094-687X 2015 953-956, 2015

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Whey is an abundant by-product of cheese production process and it is considered a special waste due to its high nutritional load and hypertrophic potential. Technologies for whey valorization are available. They can convert such waste into high-value products, like whey proteins. However, the remaining liquid (called permeate) is still considered as a polluting waste due to its high lactose concentration. The alcoholic fermentation of lactose into ethanol will simultaneously achieve two important goals: safe disposal of a pollutant waste and green energy production. This methodology paper illustrates the workflow carried out to design and realize an optimized microorganism that can efficiently perform the lactose-to-ethanol conversion, engineered via synthetic biology experimental and computational approaches.

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