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ESCO1/2's roles in chromosome structure and interphase chromatin organization.


Kawasumi R, Abe T, Arakawa H, Garre M, Hirota K, Branzei D.


GENES AND DEVELOPMENT 31(21) 2136-2150, 2017

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ESCO1/2 acetyltransferases mediating SMC3 acetylation and sister chromatid cohesion (SCC) are differentially required for genome integrity and development. Here we established chicken DT40 cell lines with mutations in ESCO1/2, SMC3 acetylation, and the cohesin remover WAPL. Both ESCO1 and ESCO2 promoted SCC, while ESCO2 was additionally and specifically required for proliferation and centromere integrity. ESCO1 overexpression fully suppressed the slow proliferation and centromeric separation phenotypes of esco2 cells but only partly suppressed its chromosome arm SCC defects. Concomitant inactivation of ESCO1 and ESCO2 caused lethality owing to compromised mitotic chromosome segregation. Neither wapl nor acetyl-mimicking smc3-QQ mutations rescued esco1 esco2 lethality. Notably, esco1 esco2 wapl conditional mutants showed very severe proliferation defects associated with catastrophic mitoses and also abnormal interphase chromatin organization patterns. The results indicate that cohesion establishment by vertebrate ESCO1/2 is linked to interphase chromatin architecture formation, a newly identified function of cohesin acetyltransferases that is both fundamentally and medically relevant.

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