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Living on the Edge: DNA Polymerase Lambda between Genome Stability and Mutagenesis.


van Loon B, Hubscher U, Maga G.


Chemical research in toxicology 30(11) 1936-1941, 2017

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In human cells, only four DNA polymerases (pols) are necessary and sufficient for the duplication of the genetic information. However, more than a dozen DNA pols are required to maintain its integrity. Such a high degree of specialization makes DNA repair pols able to cope with specific lesions or repair pathways. On the other hand, the same DNA pols can have partially overlapping roles, which could result in possible conflicts of functions, if the DNA pols are not properly regulated. DNA pol _ is a typical example of such an enzyme. It is a multifunctional enzyme, endowed with special structural and biochemical properties, which make it capable of participating in different DNA repair pathways such as base excision repair, nonhomologous end joining, and translesion synthesis. However, when mutated or deregulated, DNA pol _ can also be a source of genetic instability. Its multiple roles in DNA damage tolerance and its ability in promoting tumor progression make it also a possible target for novel anticancer approaches.

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