IGM-CNR Patents

Patent: Europe
Year: 2015
Title: Sus scrofa V2G: a safe-harbor site for long-term expression and high integration rate of transgenes in pig.
Authors: Peverali AF, Biamonti G, Boncompagni E, Cubells M, Galli C, Lazzari G, Perota A, Lagutina I.
Patent Number: EP2921048B1
Patent Description: The present invention concerns a pig genome specific integration site (or Sus Scrofa or S.scrofa genome specific integration site), which has the advantage of allowing a stable, long-term, efficient and ubiquitous expression of the exogenous transgene which is not subjected to cellular variegations. The transgene is inserted into the V2G locus by genome editing and/or by RMCE. The transgenic pig is then derived by somatic cell nuclear transfer SCNT.
Licensed to: Avantea srl

Patent: Italy
Year: 2014
Title: Sus scrofa v2g: locus genico ad alta efficienza di integrazione e di espressione a lungo termine di transgeni nel suino
Authors: Peverali FA, Biamonti G, Boncompagni E, Cubells M, Lazzari G, Perota A, Lagutina I, Galli C.
Patent Number: 102014902245158 (MI2014A000484)
Licensed to: CNR – Avantea

Patent: Italy
Year: 2014
Title: Sistema di espressione GSPE-EXPRESS
Authors: Peverali FA, Biamonti G.
Patent Number: 0001410627 – MI2012A000489
Licensed to: CNR

Patent: International
Year: 2011
Title: Compounds with DDX3 inhibitory activity and uses thereof
Authors: Botta M, Maga G, Radi M, Falchi F, Baldanti F, Paolucci S
Patent Number: WO/2011/039735
Patent Descriprion: The present invention refers to compounds with cellular RNA helicase and /or ATPase DDX3 inhibitory activity and their therapeutic use, in particular for the treatment of viral and neoplastic diseases. The invention relates also to a method for identifying compounds endowed with binding capacities to the target sites on DDX3
Licensed to: CNR – Università di Siena

Patent: International
Year: 2009
Title: Crystal structure of the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase bound to a nucleotide-competitive reverse transcriptase inhibitor and the use thereof
Authors: Freisz S, Bec G, Radi M, Wolff P, Angeli L, Dumas P, Maga G, Botta M, Ennifar E

Patent Number: WO2009034547
Patent description: The present invention relates to the crystalline forms of the HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase (RT) bound to a Nucleotide competing Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor (NcRTI), the methods of making such crystals and their use in drug discovery. In addition, the present invention relates to the identification of three-dimensional coordinates of the binding site for a NcRTIs (DAVP-1) to the apo-RT and the use of such coordinates for designing and/or identifying ligands that inhibit the biological function of RT with the uncommon mechanism of action characteristic of the NcRTIs.

Licensed to ViroStatics srl (*Patent Licence Agreement 0013641 -20/03/2009 with ViroStatics srl, v.le Umberto I 64, Sassari – Italy)

Patent: International
Year: 2007
Title: 6-Vinyl pyrimidine and pyrimidinone derivatives and the use thereof.
Authors: Botta M, Corelli F, Petricci E, Radi M, Maga G, Este’ JA, Mai A
Patent Number: WO 2007/043094 A2

Patent: Italy 
Year: 1990
Title: L-2′-deossiuridine e composizioni farmaceutiche che le contengono
Autori: Iotti S, Colonna FP, Garbesi A, Spadari S, Focher F, Ciarrocchi G, Arcamone F
Patent Number: 22032A/90
Licensed to: CNR – Menarini