The IGM-CNR Institute of Molecular Genetics “Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza” is a multidisciplinary center for the study of both normal and pathological cells with a systemic approach.


Our mission

Understand the molecular mechanisms underlying various pathological conditions such as cancer, premature aging, genetic diseases and viral infections. This, through the study of genome alterations and how they affect cellular metabolism and coordinated functions between tissue cells and organs.

Our approach

IGM-CNR researchers combine different skills such as biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, genetics and bioinformatics, in a coordinated strategy aimed at generating new knowledge and translating it into therapies.

The philosophy that guides our research can be summed up as “from cell to pathology”. For us, in fact, the study of the flow of genetic information, from DNA to proteins, and its pathological alterations represents the key to achieving our goals: to provide better care and promote the health and well-being of society.