Anna Garbelli

Istituto di Genetica Molecolare “Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza”
Via Abbiategrasso, 207 – 27100 PAVIA
Phone: +39 0382 546343

Curriculum Vitae

From October 2017-today: research technician at the IGM-CNR Institute in Pavia, Italy.

From January 2011 to September 2017: Postdoc position at the IGM-CNR Institute, Pavia, Italy.

From October 2007 to October 2010: PhD Student in “Genetic and Biomolecular Science” – XXIII cycle at the University of Pavia.

From October 2006 to October 2007: contract of collaboration with IGM-CNR Institute, Pavia, Italy.

From September 2004 to July 2006: Master Degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Department of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Pavia.

From October 2003 to September 2004: Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences. Department of Biology and Biotechnology, University of Pavia.

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Research Activity

During my PhD in DNA Enzymology and Molecular Virology Laboratory (IGM-CNR), directed by the Dott. Giovanni Maga, I characterized the biochemical and biological properties of human RNA helicase DDX3X as a novel target for the development of broad-spectrum antiviral compounds. During my postdoc, I continued my research about DDX3X protein and in last years I extended my horizons into genome instability world in order to investigate the role of DDX3X into an alternative ribonucleotides removal pathway.

At present I play the role of imaging technician at the IGM-CNR Institute. I carry out training for users of institute and support activity both for our institute and external users in fluorescent and confocal microscopy acquisition, processing and analysis. 

Professional competences

Cellular and molecular biology, including bacterial and eukaryotic cell cultures (tumoral and primary cell lines), cellular extracts and cellular fractionation, in vitro and in vivo immunoprecipitation, cytotoxicity assays, immunofluorescences, PCR, cloning in prokaryotic and eukaryotic vectors, site direct mutagenesis, Western Blot analysis, real time PCR.

Biochemistry and enzymology, including protein expression and purification with FPLC system, biochemical assays, enzyme kinetics and inhibitor mechanism of action determination and analysis, FRET assay.

Fluorescence and confocal microscopy, support activity for image acquisition, processing and analysis.

Informatic competences

Windows Office

GraphPad Prism

Informatic Databases (EndNote, Pubmed, BLAST)


Digital image analysis programs (ImageJ, Zen blue edition software, Photoshop)

Research Projects

  • RNA-in-DNA: specialized DNApolymerases in the establishment and (in)stability of a hybrid genome
  • INnovazione, nuovi modelli TEcnologici e Reti per curare la SLA


Recent Publications


Croce AC; Garbelli A; Moyano A; Soldano S; Tejeda-Guzman C; Missirlis F; Scolari F

Developmental and Nutritional Dynamics of Malpighian Tubule Autofluorescence in the Asian Tiger Mosquito Aedes albopictus Journal Article

In: International journal of molecular sciences, vol. 25, iss. 1, pp. 245, 2024.

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Secchi M; Lodola C; Garbelli A; Bione S; Maga G

DEAD-Box RNA Helicases DDX3X and DDX5 as Oncogenes or Oncosuppressors: A Network Perspective Journal Article

In: Cancers (Basel), vol. 14, iss. 15, pp. 3820, 2022.

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Mentegari E; Bertoletti F; Kissova M; Zucca E; Galli S; Tagliavini G; Garbelli A; Maffia A; Bione S; Ferrari E; d'Adda di Fagagna F; Francia S; Sabbioneda S; Chen LY; Lingner J; Bergoglio V; Hoffmann JS; Hubscher U; Crespan E; Maga G

A Role for Human DNA Polymerase lambda in Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Journal Article

In: International journal of molecular sciences, vol. 22, no. 5, pp. 2365, 2021.

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Brai A; Riva V; Clementi L; Falsitta L; Zamperini C; Sinigiani V; Festuccia C; Sabetta S; Aiello D; Roselli C; Garbelli A; Trivisani CI; Maccari L; Bugli F; Sanguinetti M; Calandro P; Chiariello M; Quaranta P; Botta L; Angelucci A; Maga G; Botta M

Targeting DDX3X Helicase Activity with BA103 Shows Promising Therapeutic Effects in Preclinical Glioblastoma Models Journal Article

In: Cancers (Basel), vol. 13, no. 21, pp. 5569, 2021.

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Brai A; Riva V; Saladini F; Zamperini C; Trivisani CI; Garbelli A; Pennisi C; Giannini A; Boccuto A; Bugli F; Martini M; Sanguinetti M; Zazzi M; Dreassi E; Botta M; Maga G

DDX3X Inhibitors, an Effective Way to Overcome HIV-1 Resistance Targeting Host Proteins Journal Article

In: European journal of medicinal chemistry, vol. 200, pp. 112319, 2020.

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Brai A; Boccuto A; Monti M; Marchi S; Vicenti I; Saladini F; Trivisani CI; Pollutri A; Trombetta CM; Montomoli E; Riva V; Garbelli A; Nola EM; Zazzi M; Maga G; Dreassi E; Botta M

Exploring the Implication of DDX3X in DENV Infection: Discovery of the First-in-Class DDX3X Fluorescent Inhibitor Journal Article

In: ACS medicinal chemistry letters, vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 956-962, 2020.

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Riva V; Garbelli A; Casiraghi F; Arena F; Trivisani CI; Gagliardi A; Bini L; Schroeder M; Maffia A; Sabbioneda S; Maga G

Novel alternative ribonucleotide excision repair pathways in human cells by DDX3X and specialized DNA polymerases. Journal Article

In: Nucleic acids research, vol. 48, no. 20, pp. 11551-11565, 2020.

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Bono B; Franco G; Riva V; Garbelli A; Maga G

Novel Insights into the Biochemical Mechanism of CK1epsilon and its Functional Interplay with DDX3X Journal Article

In: International journal of molecular sciences, vol. 21, no. 17, pp. E6449, 2020.

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Riva V; Garbelli A; Brai A; Casiraghi F; Fazi R; Trivisani CI; Boccuto A; Saladini F; Vicenti I; Martelli F; Zazzi M; Giannecchini S; Dreassi E; Botta M; Maga G

Unique Domain for a Unique Target: Selective Inhibitors of Host Cell DDX3X to Fight Emerging Viruses Journal Article

In: Journal of medicinal chemistry, vol. 63, no. 17, pp. 9876-9877, 2020.

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Brai A; Martelli F; Riva V; Garbelli A; Fazi R; Zamperini C; Pollutri A; Falsitta L; Ronzini S; Maccari L; Maga G; Giannecchini S; Botta M

DDX3X Helicase Inhibitors as a New Strategy To Fight the West Nile Virus Infection. Journal Article

In: Journal of medicinal chemistry, vol. 62, no. 5, pp. 2333-2347, 2019.

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Brai A; Ronzini S; Riva V; Botta L; Zamperini C; Borgini M; Trivisani CI; Garbelli A; Pennisi C; Boccuto A; Saladini F; Zazzi M; Maga G; Botta M

Synthesis and Antiviral Activity of Novel 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Inhibitors of DDX3X. Journal Article

In: Molecules, vol. 24, no. 21, pp. pii: E3988, 2019.

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Garbelli A; Riva V; Crespan E; Maga G

How to win the HIV-1 drug resistance hurdle race: running faster or jumping higher? Journal Article

In: Biochemical journal, vol. 474, no. 10, pp. 1559-1577, 2017.

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Brai A; Fazi R; Tintori C; Zamperini C; Bugli F; Sanguinetti M; Stigliano E; Este' J; Badia R; Franco S; Martinez MA; Martinez JP; Meyerhans A; Saladini F; Zazzi M; Garbelli A; Maga G; Botta M

Human DDX3 protein is a valuable target to develop broad spectrum antiviral agents. Journal Article

In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, vol. 113, no. 9, pp. 5388-5393, 2016.

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Fazi R; Tintori C; Brai A; Botta L; Selvaraj M; Garbelli A; Maga G; Botta M

Homology Model-Based Virtual Screening for the Identification of Human Helicase DDX3 Inhibitors. Journal Article

In: Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, vol. 55, no. 11, pp. 2443-2454, 2015.

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