Giordano Liberi

Istituto di Genetica Molecolare “Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza”
Via Abbiategrasso, 207 – 27100 PAVIA
tel: +39 0382 546364

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Research Activity

Research in our lab is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms that lead to genome instability in response to pathological arrest and structural transition of replication forks upon encounters with natural barriers, such as transcription and R-loops in eukaryotic cells. Unregulated replication-transcription conflicts and R-loop formation are hallmarks of cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Research Project

Mechanisms that modulate replication fork stability and R-loop accumulation during the conflict with transcription

Research Group

Luca Zardoni, Post-Doc Fellow

Sidrit Uruci, undergraduate student “Biologia Sperimentale e Applicata”, University of Pavia


Recent Publications


Choudhary R; Niska-Blakie J; Adhil M; Liberi G; Achar YJ; Giannattasio M; Foiani M

Sen1 and Rrm3 ensure permissive topological conditions for replication termination Journal Article

In: Cell reports, vol. 42, iss. 7, pp. 112747, 2023.

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Zardoni L; Nardini E; Brambati A; Lucca C; Choudhary R; Loperfido F; Sabbioneda S; Liberi G

Elongating RNA polymerase II and RNA:DNA hybrids hinder fork progression and gene expression at sites of head-on replication-transcription collisions Journal Article

In: Nucleic acids research, vol. 49, no. 22, pp. 12769-12784, 2021.

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Zardoni L; Nardini E; Liberi G

2D Gel Electrophoresis to Detect DNA Replication and Recombination Intermediates in Budding Yeast. Journal Article

In: Methods in molecular biology, vol. 2119, pp. 43-59, 2020.

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Rawal CC; Zardoni L; Di Terlizzi M; Galati E; Brambati A; Lazzaro F; Liberi G; Pellicioli A

Senataxin Ortholog Sen1 Limits DNA:RNA Hybrid Accumulation at DNA Double-Strand Breaks to Control End Resection and Repair Fidelity. Journal Article

In: Cell reports, vol. 31, no. 5, pp. 107603, 2020.

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Brambati A; Zardoni L; Nardini E; Pellicioli A; Liberi G

The dark side of RNA:DNA hybrids Journal Article

In: Mutatation Research-Reviews in Mutation Research, vol. 784, pp. 108300, 2020.

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Theil AF; Botta E; Raams A; Smith DEC; Mendes MI; Caligiuri G; Giachetti S; Bione S; Carriero R; Liberi G; Zardoni L; Swagemakers SMA; Salomons GS; Sarasin A; Lehmann A; van der Spek PJ; Ogi T; Hoeijmakers JHJ; Vermeulen W; Orioli D

Bi-allelic TARS Mutations Are Associated with Brittle Hair Phenotype. Journal Article

In: American Journal of Human Genetics, vol. 105, no. 2, pp. 434-440, 2019.

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Marini F; Rawal CC; Liberi G; Pellicioli A

Regulation of DNA Double Strand Breaks Processing: Focus on Barriers. Journal Article

In: Frontiers in molecular biosciences, vol. 6, pp. 55, 2019.

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Brambati A; Zardoni L; Achar YJ; Piccini D; Galanti L; Colosio A; Foiani M; Liberi G

Dormant origins and fork protection mechanisms rescue sister forks arrested by transcription. Journal Article

In: Nucleic Acids Research, vol. 46, no. 3, pp. 12271239, 2018.

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Brambati A; Colosio A; Zardoni L; Galanti L; Liberi G

Replication and transcription on a collision course: eukaryotic regulation mechanisms and implications for DNA stability. Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Genetics, vol. 6, pp. 166, 2015.

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